It is estimated that between 700-800 refugees are resettled in the Lansing area each year.  Many of these refugees come to Lansing in their late teenage years and are often unable to complete the credits needed to graduate high school with a diploma.  This is a typical occurrence for young refugees, regardless of educational history or English language fluency (although these are additional challenges for many refugees). 

Failing to engage these refugees with the support they need to obtain a diploma has inhibited the contributive potential of the refugee community within Lansing, and thus, if not properly addressed, is certain to have a severe and sustained negative impact on the struggling Lansing economy.

GIL is the only organization of its kind in the Lansing area, and the only viable access these students have to obtain diplomas.  Although some GED programs exist, GED tests tend to be insurmountable for English Language Learners (ELL).  The GIL solution is to provide these refugees with a supportive, educational environment where English can be practiced and learned while other academic subject areas are mastered. 

The Global Institute of Lansing is a non-profit organization that aims to provide adult refugees settled in the Lansing area educational assistance and the means to attain a high school diploma in an atmosphere of peace, respect, encouragement, and inspiration.

We at the GIL believe that refugees
 are invaluable members of our community, and as such, deserve an accessible, quality education. We aim to build a stronger, more inclusive community through engaging those most in need of assistance and providing them a greater degree of self-sufficiency and economic opportunity through education. 


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How Does GIL Work?

Once students are enrolled in GIL, they are subsequently enrolled in an existing accredited high school equivalency correspondence program.  We then place students in a classroom with volunteer tutors and teachers to assist them through their program.  Students receive an accredited high school diploma upon completion of their program.  Their diploma will allow them to pursue a college education, enroll in vocational programs, or simply be eligible for jobs that require a high school diploma.    

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